Being Human

Coming up this season at the Institute of Light, after exploring where we are in the world- Europa, to Americana and ultimately Dysfunction, we try to find a new path. Stories of love, lust, heartache, ambition, poetry and memory: BEING HUMAN.

IOL presents a season of films which bring out the humble humans in us- from the Otolith Group’s seminal and incisive exploration of human habitation in their residency at IOL to Anna Rose Holmer’s poetic feature debut The Fits which explores the strange, seductive experience of teenagers on the cusp of maturation, while in Barry Jenkins’ Moonlight we follow a young black man across three stages of his live as he struggles with masculinity and sexuality growing up in a rough neighbourhood in Miami.
Three women try to figure out their lives, loves and place in the world in Kelly Reichardt’s Certain Women, while the fascination and terror of having to care for and carry another human being is examined with a darkly comic touch in Prevenge as a woman is torn between love for and fear of her unborn child. In The Love Witch a technicolor vamp turns to magic to get a man- but won’t let herself be weighed down by one, and Isabelle Huppert plans cold and calculating revenge after a violent sexual attack in Elle.

The unfinished words of poet James Baldwin come to life in Raoul Peck’s I Am Not Your Negro and Pablo Larraín’s anti-biopic of Pablo Neruda arouses the senses, whilst giving voice to the powerless.  Lynch’s “love story in the City of Dreams” Mulholland Drive shows us film, like love and poetry, is to be experienced without preconceptions, or ideologies… after all, to err is human.


Full programme details will be available shortly