Col’s Kitchen La Dolce Vita Valentines Taster Menu

Col’s Kitchens Valentines Taster menu – a Delicious menu designed for you and your loved one or you and your friends. Using the best of British ingredients . Have you ever heard of a Rampsham Tingler? Well its an award winning salami from Dorset. Come and feast on outstanding Italian food using the best that British has to offer whilst the Italian Classic ‘La Dolce Vita’ is played as your back drop.




Dorset air dried coppa, Air dried beef, Rampisham Tingler, Caponata, Parmesan chunks, Garlic rubbed toasted sourdough.


Arancini pesto and Luanica (Sausage ragu) wth Peperonata.


Amatriciana with Dorset pig cheek, Dorset crab with burnt lemon, lemon pinenut and caper all served as a trio of pasta to share.


Chocolate truffle tort balls, lavender meringue lemon curd cream and raspberries.

All served as a taster menu.

Date: 16th February

Time: 19:00