IOL Cinema: Youth Interrupted

We present a new cinema season at IOL to usher in the summer and all the events to come- be it sunshine, politics or a new world order. We call it Youth: Interrupted.

This season at IOL, as events spin out of control around the world, we declare: save the children.

From the strange, hopeful and lonely lives of the travelling performers in La Strada to the power of war to tear young people apart or bring them together in Frantz; the cannibal coming-of-age of Raw to the persistence and perniciousness of liberal hypocrisy played out in terror and satire in Get Out. We’ll see the odd fantastical worlds teenagers inhabit, the vampiric obsessions of The Transfiguration and the alien abduction, cyber-goths and unicorns of Spaceship. These are films that look at youth turned around, under scrutiny and out in the world.

Full programme available soon!