Science Fiction Theatre: MIRACLE MILE

When Harry (Anthony Edwards) meets Julie (Mare Winningham) at the La Brea Tar Pits, it’s love at first sight. But when Harry’s alarm clock fails to go off, he misses their scheduled date by several hours. Alone on a street corner at four in the morning, he answers a ringing pay phone and picks up a garbled message that all-out nuclear war is set to begin in an hour’s time. With the clock ticking and the city spiralling into chaos, can Harry somehow track down Julie and get them both to safety before Armageddon?

“[De Jarnatt] sets things up in a very traditional manner, gives the audience something they’ve seen a hundred times, gives them something they think they know, makes them comfortable, then twists the knife”
–Den of Geek

“Cleverly written, authentically staged and sympathetically played, it’s brave, uncompromising, and above all, frighteningly believable”
–Time Out

“Much of the movie’s diabolical effectiveness comes from the fact that it never reveals, until the very end, whether the nightmare is real…”
–Roger Ebert

Doors // 7
Film // 8

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