The Institute Of Light reloads for Autumn 2018 with a fresh kitchen in residence, Okonomiyaki “松風堂/Sho Foo Doh” .

Chef Fumio Tanga and his Sho Foo Doh team present unclassic Japanese snacks + Hiroshima style okonomiyaki four nights a week from Wednesday to Saturday.

“There are a few different okonomiyaki styles in different regions in Japan. The most popular and well-known one worldwide is the Osaka-style, which is a more doughy pancake where all the ingredients are mixed into the batter. Hiroshima-style on the other hand is more layered, starting with a thin crepe, loads of vitamin K boosting cabbages, beanshoots, pork belly, egg noodles and an omelette, with sauce, mayo, benishoga ginger and scallions on top.” Fumio Tanga

We keep some tables free for walk-ins. So, if you can’t see any availability for the time you want – please come along and we will get you seated as soon as possible.


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Call us > 0207 249 6919

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Wednesday – Saturday from 18:00 – 22:00