Hosting a series of regional kitchens over the next four weeks, the Institute of Light invites you to eat around the world in 30 days!

Kicking off this culinary expedition, Oliver Launay presents a ‘Best of British’ seasonal menu with a twist. This celebration of local produce lasts until the 18th of June and will feature a high-stakes French vs. Ghana showdown between Launay and our very own director, Jo Hagan… drama will surely ensue. 

Next, from the 19th of June until the 2nd of July, we move East with Northern Indian pop-up Dhaba.

Dhaba is the product of two brothers’ lifelong obsession with Indian food. After a six month research trip to India – eating, cooking, and learning, Rory returned and enlisted the help of younger brother Ewan to put together a predominantly North Indian menu interspersed with a few influences from elsewhere on the sub-continent.

Expect fiery Rajasthani grills, buttery Punjabi curries, biriyanis, hand-made breads, and more.

Finally, from the 2nd until the 9th of July, China at large!

Lucky & Joy will be offering diners a range of innovative dishes that draw inspiration from across the furthest reaching regions of China. Chef Ellen Parr’s menu will venture into the far corners of this vast and diverse, food-obsessed nation. She’ll take us to the desert landscape of Muslim China in the north-west with braised stews and spiced kebabs, to the infamously hot and mouth-numbing region of Sichuan, and the aromatic and colourful cuisine of the Hunan province. Diners may also expect reinvented interpretations of the beige British-Cantonese classics that have become all too familiar in Chinese take-aways over the years.

Sharing is a Chinese custom at the dinner table, so Lucky & Joy’s menu is designed for sociable eating and maximum fun!

Completing our journey, we return home with Billy Smokes’ Brit-Tex BBQ. This ethically-sourced, smokey menu will surely keep us smiling through the lazy, hazy, dog days of summer.    

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